Saturday, 26 April 2014

More current affairs

Well, it's been a very politically minded week with the ups and downs of the United Kingdom Independence Party's European electioneering  campaign creating a stir with the controversial  poster campaign, the disowning of a candidate for racially prejudiced social media remarks (not that other parties candidates haven't done this before themselves) as well as the disarray between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives on the proposition the UK is a predominately Christian Country and calls for the de-establishment by Liberal Democratic honcho Nick Clegg, of the Church of England.
The other matter is the one I typed at length about last week, the Ukraine, Russia and European peace which depressingly  turned out pretty much as I expected it to.
We have the kidnap, torture and death of a pro Kiev political leader at the hands of Pro-Russian agitators, the kidnapping and holding hostage of European peace observers with report that one suffered rifle related injuries by the same. Three Pro-Russian agitators by a (illegal) road check point were killed allegedly by Ukraine forces although we don't know if they pointed weapons or offer to surrender first.
Russia starts extensive exercises on the border and even over flying Ukraine threatening serious consequences for the checkpoint incident that on the face of it had no direct business with Russia itself while Ukraine and the West produces evidence showing some Russian involvement in the Eastern Ukraine Pro-Russian uprising particularly in the Militas. Nato sends forces to Poland and the Baltics due to their concerns over Russia's stance.
Week ends with Ukraines Premier saying Russia is wanting World War Three and some of the most strongest language for decades used by the State Department against Russia with the probability of further sanctions Monday.
I fear this can only get worse by next week.

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