Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Seven days to go

Okay it's the four yearly pantomine season otherwise known as the General Election where people who generally speaking haven't done a real job proceed to tell everyone how they can so make everything better for those of us who have.
Thankfully we're not a republic and don't have an elected chamber of the second rate too otherwise we'd be having this carry on year after year at public expense and it does my head in as it is!
So why hasn't the major been the attack week in and out?
Simply because I've been looking at what everyone has been saying from the build up to the finally week, from the choreographed to the seriously off message for a reason to vote any of their representatives in this part of the Midlands  and how much I've seen of them in person.
To me the most focused Leader was Nicola Sturgeon but as her party, the Scottish Nationalists doesn't put up candidates in England I can't support her despite  my views on the European Union.
To me the face of the Tories is a smugness that's so obvious when the member for uptown Tatton grins just like a Cheshire Cat as the terminally ill under his government get found fit for work and die days later, whose response to the shorted of affordable housing is to sell off Social Housing to give the less well off (even in work) less of the chance of a decent affordable rent property and to be talking of cutting payments to disabled people and their carers. Times are difficult, we know money is tight but it wasn't the above who created the deficit  it was the previous government and the gamblers in the Banking sector.
Labour, the party of traditionally the downtrodden dare not even say they are for people on welfare even though that includes in work payments for fear of being linked in the right wing press to shirkers and want to just have a few less cuts from, yes the Tories.
The Liberal Democrats have some good ideas but their very pro-european union ideas just don't cut it in this area.
For me the United Kingdom Independence Party comes the nearest to ticking the boxes because I really think we need less government with more real focus on what and why it does what it does.
We need a party that unashamably for Britain and for all Britons regardless of race, religion, gender or disabilities and our interests that is prepared to spend more on our defence.
Many of us feel strongly we agree with co-operation with our European neighbours trading with them freely but do not wish for more governance at that level with all it's paperwork and blanket law making feeling those things are best decided and written by ourselves.
Ukip also came out strongly in favour of reforming the so-called welfare reforms that have impacted badly disabled people and the so-called bedroom tax as well as fuelling a negative anti disabled attitude amongst people at large.
The forging of some those shameful changes lies in Labour under Brown and Blair Premiership and their policy people so for me voting for them wouldn't alter that.
Ukip also oppose the HS2 rail proposal that is not really needed and where money would be well spent on the railways their are better options aiding the whole of the UK.
There is nothing wrong with immigration and indeed some of us were immigrants but it really needs to be managed so only those who can and are prepared to contribute to the UK are here and we are able to provide the facilities such medical care, health, education and housing that they need.
Accepting those who seek asylum is something as someone living here by choice I'm proud of but in doing so we need to ensure those people are prepared to integrate into our way of life like many of us did and we need to be careful not to allow those who would undermine our sense of security to come with them with their terrorist ideals.
I feel on balance Ukip are more honest about these needs than the three main UK wide parties.
I know where my cross is going next week.

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