Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Here with me

Continuing in a way with the theme of 'Old Friends', I've been busy transferring some favourite compilation cds ready to a micro sd card  for my music player as in 2016 as for most of last year, I seldom use my MiniDisc equipment and discs going back to the late 90's as technically it's not so much equalled, which I didn't expect but in respects surpasses for sound quality.
The overwhelming majority of those MiniDiscs are duplicated on Micro SD  cards, taking up considerably less room while adding album art when played.
This was one, not entirely accurately titled but a great resumé of British hits from the early to mid 1970's  that came out in 1993 on cd that sounds rather good.
Talking old friends, this was one:
Coming out in 1985 when much of my listening not least  portable listening was based on cassettes, I bought what was then the new Compilation by the Champagne, Illinois band REO Speedwagon on pre-recorded tape.
In 1988, two years on from buying a cd player and in that time buying a good number of cds for it, I was looking for a compilation by them and so bought a brand new one, that apart from obviously sounding a bit better than good regular tape, had a couple of new songs on, such as Here With Me and as a compilation it pretty much stacks up even now.
But I still missed my original one for a reason namely it missed of Wherever You're Going (it's alright), a new chart single from 1985 which isn't easy to find in digital forms, so after making do with a so-so download of the song, I bought for near pence a used excellent condition cd of it and copied that song in much better quality using my own copying program.

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