Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Techno demise and birthday

Sometimes coincidences are like that, really they are.
You say last week I wrote all about my experiences in adding cassette replay to my spare rest room system for playing some of my much loved tapes which go back to the 1980's, adding a more modern deck to do that job.
Well this week, what was meant to cassette's replacement whose history with me goes back to late February 1997 and what ironically was a premature birthday present that year, a part of the adapting to acquired severe disabilities following an industrial injury that had impacted badly on a hobby of mine, open reel recording, met its demise.
It's not that original MiniDisc recorder itself had died, rather the last replacement one I bought back in May 2009 that did in an unexpected way for as you're aware I've been digitizing much of my music for the Fiio portable player where it is on Micro SD cards so I was tidying up a good 120 or so MiniDiscs which were in every respect redundant  being just straight copies done for playing on a portable unit.
I just went to put an unlabelled disc in, it whirled way telling me what was on it and then refused to come out! There's a mechanism with cogs and a belt that is supposed to pull the disc down to be read and up through the slot for you to take out and I suspect that's gone wrong.
I did get the reissue of REO Speedwagon's 1978 You Can't Tune a Piano but You can Tuna Fish cd, the 2010 re-issue of This Time We Meant it coupled with 1976's REO as well as some money for my birthday. There would be something ironical if that MiniDisc unit got replaced by a Cassette Recorder

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