Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Presentation issues

After an interesting week trying to solve one problem, there was something that came into mind that I did feel about talking about.
Gender cultural norms.

I saw this a while back and personally I just love what it is about.
In the first instance do we know the gender of the dress wearer? Personally I couldn't careless as much as I care about your ability too be the gender you are.
It may be  someone born male  or maybe  a female who doesn't see why she should have to remove every single naturally growing hair from her leg?Nor pluck her eyebrows thin.
Just why should anyone who identifies as female have to wear make up and lipstick or face being either ridiculed or be called out on their gender identity?
Can we not appreciate how they dress and what as people they are like-their inner beauty if you will?
If I want to wear a shorter skirt or a short sleeved dress especially this time of year then frankly as those who know me will know I shall without getting hung up on if there's a stray hair here or there as having a skin condition lots of shaving may remove hairs but does nothing for where patches where my eczema  is.
If as I do, I like to wear shorts then why should that be regarded by some as just 'ikky boy' when as a female you can because that's you?
It's not what you wear so much as what you bring to them as the wearer.

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