Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Eleven years of blogging

Eleven years today, blogging began here on what became Daytime Office Girl Crisis when indeed I was working as that office girl trying to balance  parts of my life while living in a social media free environment where Angels and a Music Forum were pretty much the only online essentials in my life with anything else bookmarked, more looked at  if I had a spare moment.
Home computing for me was in its infancy, having only just gotten DSL broadband, the computer itself was big, warm and really not that good for using for hours at a stretch so I'd only look between forum posts for clues on why I felt different than most people and  some sites just were uncomfortable so you skip past the hopping from link to link.
Early posts tended to reflect that site preference as I posted about fashion, odd topics that came up on the Angels site, what femininity meant and then take a swing toward posting about movies, anime and yes music  cos music did and still does mean a lot to me apart from being a cross-site unifying thing.
It wasn't too long before things got more complicated as I started to look at topics like what it means when you are younger than your years , that you enjoy some of those experiences because they help you deal with life.
All of which would be fine other than some people get totally the wrong idea about or feel in some way uncomfortable with you for just being you in their spot as if having a condition that places my functioning in more that area anyway I had any real choice only to hide it away.
But then that came at point of huge emotional turmoil and more burying bones wasn't going to help as part of those problems stemmed from the mis-match between my functioning age and perceived more adult sophistication.  I had to slowly come out at Angels, hoping people their could at least try to understand and accept it as much as I avoided pushing it in their faces, still trying to fit in as best I could.
Over that period I found more of that side of me, exploring it, finding a place that was more calm backwater off the beaten track talk more about it and finally came out face to face with people letting the whole me out so I felt more complete, having fun.
That took us around to the question of what this blog was about as so much of my life slotted in my more littles one which in some ways a place to talk about some more adult topics from time to time and how my other side slots in although it won't be published quite as often as it used to.
I did think at one point last year that this blog while not being removed was going to be more parked for posterity but events have shown a need, albeit a reduced one instead for it and with that we mark it's eleventh year of publication.
We're celebrating that with a change of avatar that reflects the whole me, the one that mixed an interest in current affairs and more serious matters with play together with the likes as I had then as one whole package.
Thanks Angels.

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