Saturday, 5 August 2017

Natural return

First post in the great blogisphere since arriving back from my vacation late last week and most of this one that I'll write about elsewhere later on however one I thing I won't be touch much on is the what the heck the more wobble than a blancmange governance in the White House and Trump's throwing transgendered service personal under the bus the keep the right-wingers happy cos that ship past its sailing time to blog on.
You could say in so far as what this blog is mainly around, the period away was the necessary break from brexit, post grenfell towers building control issues, trump tweets and all that which just winds me up for being internet free and spending less time watching tv news.
I spent some enjoyable time just being out doors, switched off from that, going on walks around the grounds where we stayed, admiring the trees, watching the bees and as you can see even spotted a Red Admiral butterfly out and took its picture!
Insects of a less welcome kind that did hang around were flies black with a couple of dull stripes running along their frame that tried to get everywhere!!!
A friend took some pictures of the sky at night as the sky was clear and the area doesn't suffer from the light pollution that afflicts chunks of our densly populated country fro domestic and highway related electric lighting.
That time away I feel was what I needed.

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