Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Remake, remodel

This week I received an invite to blog on the social media site Friends Reunited which I joined late last year but to be honest compared to this, it isn't as good when it comes putting images up or the choice of fonts.

I've been remaking my selection of Beatles albums I copied from the records on Minidisc since originally compiling them way back in 1997 on individual minidiscs, painstakingly splitting up each lp side into individual tracks and the titling up each one so with a  flick of the dial, I can move to and instantly see the track I've selected in a way that's more convenient than just playing the record.
It also helps that said discs are very portable so I can take with me on the commute to work or when I go away with a small fold down pair of headphones. 

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