Wednesday, 15 March 2006

From the heart

Following on a bit from last weeks post there is something I'd like to talk about that is a bit a painful about things like age and that as it applies to me.
It doesn't matter how many birthdays I may happen to have or how that that may on paper make me, by conventional  standards I have not really moved into what some might call adulthood and in some respects at least aspects of my behavior may appear to be immature.

In lots of ways I have more in common emotionally and that with mid teens which no amount of masking can really cover so sometimes people find themselves dealing more with a kid-adult because of how events in my childhood have left me.
Sometimes I do wonder what would happen if people would treat me more like a child of that age as in some respects I do feel having that kind of oversight and even rules is really better for me as I can cope better with it, achieving more.

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