Monday, 2 February 2009

The Slayers!

MVM in the UK have recently began re-releasing the classic Slayers TV anime series on four DVDs starting with Volume 1 in January.
The series is set around the adventures of Lina Inverse (pictured above), a happy go lucky mid teen sorceress, who liberates stolen treasure from assorted bandits and offers protection to villages from such menacing things as dragons and trolls - at a price!

For the anime series she is joined by Gourry (above), a valiant knight who early in series schemes to rescue Lina from some bandits -including Zelgadis - with a view to taking her to bed until he realized she's too young for that. In a vow to protect her, he follows Lina to the next village without suspecting he would be destined to be her sidekick.
Much of the comedy within the series arises from the interactions between the pair of them - who just seem to rough each other up - fighting over food, joking each others expense or dropping each other in trouble.
Personality-wise Gourry is a little slow witted but brave being more than prepared to take on foes when the need arises whereas Lina - well I just love her - is clever and very manipulative.
Her powers with magic are exceptional eclipsing Gourry's swordsmanship.
To avoid this getting rather boring storylines are written and quirks added to give him some action an example of which in this volume where Lina finds herself without any magical abilities because it's 'that time of the month' leaving her powerless when Zelgadis (the major villain in this volume) catches up with her. Zelgadis knows the true value of the objects Lina has taken.

The Opening Theme: YouTube - The Slayers Opening Theme

Stylistically this anime is so mid nineties with the villains have large clocks denoting their status, the ladies have huge saucer-shaped eyes and shoulder pads.
There are three newer series made for Japanese TV that have yet to be issued over here.
I found it very entertaining and look forward to the other volumes.

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