Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ant Music

For some of us the late 1970's and early 80's was a very colourful period musically and also in terms of fashion few were more unforgettable than Adam Ant.
I'm going through an Ant revival here so thought I'd post a few comments on it.

* Born: 3 November 1954
* Birthplace: London, England
* Best Known As: Face-striped singer of "Goody Two Shoes"

Name at birth: Stuart Leslie Goddard

After art school, Goddard became keen on rock music and changed his name to Adam Ant which was a graphical statement.By 1977 the band was popular in punk-torn England, and Ant's self-named "antmusic" -- distinctive theatrics and a tribal drum sound -- made him a local idol. His early period had clear links to the BDSM scene - several promo posters used that imagery. His fancy dress and distinctive white stripe of face paint became his signature during the early 80's.
After taking part in the iconic Jubilee punk film they got a contract with Decca UK issuing the Young Parisians 45 that charted during Antmania at #9 in 1981.
This was followed up by a Lp, Dirk Wears White Sox for Do It Records in 1979 with some 45's from it being issued.
In 1980 the band recorded the album Kings Of The Wild Frontier which was issued by CBS in the UK and several months later by Epic in the States. This featured the signature Burundi beat drumming.

The lp had a booklet covering the formation of the band to date. It wasn't issued in Europe until the mid 1990's on CD in the Sony Rewind series. My copy is the 1990 US cd.

From this album the 45's Dog Eat Dog - a top 20 hit in October 1980 -, Ant Music and title track were issued with powerful videos.
He took his act to America and benefited from a new TV channel called MTV. He is remembered for such hits as "Dirk Wears White Sox," "Stand and Deliver" and, later, "Goody Two Shoes".
The album Price Charming was released at the bands peak in 1981 with the 45's Stand and Deliver, Ant Rap and Title track.

This again was late to cd issue in the UK and mine is the US version on Epic.

It was on the extravagant tour accompanying this album with Dancers (Diana Dors was also present), filmed for posterity that Adam felt the performance was dry and resolved to disband the Ants and embark on a solo career.

This album was a top five seller in the UK featuring the 45's Goody Two Shoes - a UK #2, Desperate But Not Serious and the title track.

This was issued in the mid 80's as a rare JPN for Europe Cd but mine's a regular US pressing.(EK38370)
Despite this his sales were on the decline and subsequent albums such as 1983's Strip and Vive Le Rock sold poorly even though the 45's such as Stripped, Puss And Boots, Apollo 9 and Vive Le Rock sold well.
When his popularity on the charts dwindled, Ant took to acting in movies and TV shows. He made a comeback of sorts i 1990 with his Manners And Physique album for MCA with the single Room At The Top charting. In 2002 he was arrested in a London pub for assault and possession of a firearm (witnesses said he threatened a crowd with a starter's pistol after patrons laughed at his clothing ensemble).

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