Friday, 13 March 2009

My new camera

I guess it happens to us all really. You outgrow something you got to understand intuitively and cherish however restricting might it be so you have to replace it.

Well that's what happened with my 'old' digital compact which had a fixed focus lens and one and a bit megapixals.
I'd been thinking about this about Christmas time - seems so long ago I guess - but couldn't really make up my mind about which one or even if wanted a digital SLR instead. It's a weakness of mine actually but I found this was on offer at half price and it had quite a good specification eve if it's not quite what the photo reviewers call groundbreaking.
It's a Canon A470 Powershot.
It's quite small really - about the size of your hand - and has this 3.4 times optical zoom that makes it easy to frame your pictures with a close up bit too. This will come in really for stuff like vacations as I can take wider pictures like landscapes but have the ability to get smaller details of buildings too.
It's has 7.1 megapixals apparently - well I only really understand film as that's what I grew up - with but I gather it means you have more bits carrying the picture so your image is much finer which coupled with the digital antishake, should help my picture taking.
The focusing is automatic - something I have to get used to as my Olympus film SLR is manual - and with the built in flash makes it easy to get a quick picture.
I'm really looking forward to learning to use it.

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