Wednesday, 3 June 2009

MD compiling

I've been busy slowly converting some of my minidiscs to regular as with this new deck it rather shows up the losses on the recordings I made in long play mode several years ago.
An associated thought came to me when doing this was "As some of these albums have a little filler why not take the odd track out" as that was taking them just beyond the 80:59 minute restriction in standard play? After all this was done in the days of pre-recorded tapes.
So with a bit of thought some Rollings Stones discs fitted nicely two per minidisc without losing much of the 'flow' of the originals.
Next up was Queen On Fire - it's a full double cd which didn't lend itself to being chopped up and as it happened a guy on Ebay was selling awfully cheap some used blanks of the 74 minute length so I decided to redo them as two discs.
They sound much better for it!

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