Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Undertones!

Recently Salvo Records a small independent company re-issued these two albums plus a Anthology appropriately titled The Undertones Anthology.
The Undertones were formed in Derry (or Londonderry) in the mid 1970's and came to prominence through the release on the Good Vibrations label of the Teenage Kicks EP which was picked up by the late John Peel for his BBC radio show.
This was followed by a contract with Sire Records of America home of the Talking Heads and the Ramones new wave bands.
Following the signing the single Get Over You was issued followed by Here Comes The Summer and an album prepared "The Undertones" which in its original form had 14 short tracks clocking in at under 30 minutes being everything a 'punk' album should be -full of short snappy songs with attitude.
It was issued in the Late Spring of 1979 selling very well.
This was repackaged in a new sleeve in the light of the bands increased success on the charts adding the singles to the line up but this altered the whole feel of the album.
This re-issue sets it right by keeping to the original version but tagging on no less than 21 bonus tracks and a video!
It remains a classic British album from the New wave era.
Its follow up Hypnotised released in the summer of 1980 keeps much of the feel but sees the band experimenting more with the likes of the plaintive Wednesday Week a number 11 single as well as being the home to the gem that is My Perfect Cousin referencing Subbuteo (a table top soccer game) and the New Romantic group the Human League!
Like the first album this re-issue sees bonus tracks 6 plus the video of My Perfect Cousin added to the end of the disc.
Mastering generally very good keeping the quiet and loud parts as they should be but with just a couple of tracks sounding a little brighter than the original vinyl issues.
Recommended for all who lived through the era and anyone who loves pop-punk.

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