Saturday, 9 August 2008

Dancing On The Valentine

Yes, it was 25 years ago that I bought this VHS EP video of Duran Duran performing three songs from the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album. This was video, issued by Picture Music International/EMI, was one of first to be done in stereo.
I still have my original copy in excellent condition. I guess everyone has a videotape collection and this is a part of my 'legacy' collection.

My Duran Duran VHS video collection

The track list for this videoalbum first issued in April 1983 on VHS and Betamax is as follows:


Planet earth

Lonely in your nightmare

Careless memories

My own way

Hungry like the wolf


Girls on film (Night version)

Save a prayer

The chauffeur

Is there something I should know

The videos for Lonely In Your Nightmare and The Chauffeur aren't available on DVD plus the version of Girls On Film is the 18 CERT (US NG-17 version) which has been re-edited for later issues including the DVD's. This is a tape you sure need to hang on to!

This Video came out on VHS and Betamax and is a EP meaning it has only 3 videos on it but retailed for much less than a full video back then.
Issued in 1984 it has the videos for The Reflex, Union Of The Snake and New Moon On Monday. These titles are available om THE GREATEST HITS dvd.

This came out in 1989 and has the videos from the singles issued from Notorious and Big Thing albums. A big thing at the time was the the audio was Digitally Mastered on this release and it sounds amazing on my Hifi stereo VHS machine!

This video is of a live concert from 1989 part of the "Skin Trade" tour and is highly recommended.VHS only release!

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