Saturday, 16 August 2008

Converting CD's for your digital music player.

I have done for this several years using such programs as Audiograbber but would like to talk about one I'm currently using.
It is called dbPowerAMP.

You can download this from the website dBpoweramp Music Converter
It is available on a free monthly trail basis after which you need to register it at which point you pay either$ 24 for the basic program or $36 for some extras including a CD burner.
This is a very simple program to use. You can either copy a single track or do batch ripping - ideal for albums - which also gives you track titles added from a database. That saves you typing them!
You have a choice of what sort of files to make - you can have the evergreen Mp3 which can be set for really good sound - or WMA or Flac by downloading the appropriate 'codec' from the site and selecting from the drop down menu before 'converting' (Ripping').

I mainly use the Mp3 option and have set it so it rips slowly for the best quality sound and set the file speed at 320kilobits per second (Kbps) which produces a nice sounding file.
This is the best sounding program I've ever used for one it's almost as good as the actual CD.
What you need to do before 'converting' is make a folder for the files and copy and past this to where it asks for the output path. I make a folder in 'My Documents' and use that.

To burn it off for a MP3 CD, just open up a burning program like Nero, select 'make an audio CD - MP3'. From ADD menu select the file from My Documents and double left click and it will load into it and follow up with selecting Burn following the prompts.

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