Friday, 13 November 2009

November Anime Roundup

Well Crunchyroll people did you seriously think I'd stopped buying and for that matter viewing anime off site?

For one thing spotting a NEO article that referenced the 1998 girls baseball anime Princess Nine I managed to track down the complete R1DVD series for about $15!

If that wasn't enough I got the East Asia edition of both Vampire Knight anime seasons from my usual source and it is currently living in my DVD player although when released in the UK on October 2010 dubbed into English, I will replace it, honest.
The world of Yuki Cross is strange: A world where vampires live secretly unbeknown by the human population.The only people to know of them are the Hunters Association and a handful of humans including the Head of Cross Academy.
Yuki together with her friend Zero Kiryuu are assigned Prefects keeping the peace between the Humans of the Day Class and attractive Vampires of the Night Class.
Season1 is centred around the triangle between Yuki, Zero and Kaname as well as exploring the tragic circumstances around the death of Zero's family.
Season two - Guilty - looks more at things from the Vampires perspective, their world, culture and customs, delving into the pasts of many of the students such as Kaname, Senri and Aidou. Recommended for all shoujo fans

And finally those nice folk at MVM issued Slayers Try 3 this week for R2 Pal (UK and Europe).

If you hadn't all spotted my clue November 5th saw this months NEO magazine come out strongly recommended for manga, anime, Asian film and all things Far Eastern fans.
In other news I finally finished watching Chobits.

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