Friday, 20 November 2009

Olympus OM4

This wasn't a good week for me.
Firstly the wet stormy weather lead to traffic delays getting into work so being late and I almost lost my hat when it blow into the road!
If that wasn't enough my analogue camera died!
Which leads us to this post.

Because my camera is in reality a body to which you attach separate lenses then it was more a case of getting a replacement body which wasn't going to be 'new' as well if ya hadn't noticed there are very few 35mm film cameras of any description made even though you can still get and have processed your film including having them digitized on a CD-rom ready to upload for websites and that.
As I use Olympus lens that only fit Olympus OM series camera bodies that narrowed the choice down a bit.
For the more photographically minded, I use Olympus fixed focal length lens for their high fine detail resolving properties rather than zoom lens in conjunction with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens that lets you photograph things like models at up to half-life sized (1:2) ratio.
In the end I got this:

It's a simple to use professional SLR with a top shutter speed of 1/2000 sec with a very elaborate built in spot meter you can use when taking a light reading from the main area of picture is likely to make it too dark or light.
You just point the camera so the spot area is over what you want it to expose right and it does it for you. It can add a number of such readings together for really tricky lighting.
There's even a button for making anything black jet black and whites Persil white too!!!

Best of all having cancelled that it goes back to regular centre-weighted metering which while as old as the hills is very easy to use and predict how your photo will come out.
That photo is of my actual body and you'll see it looks almost new with hardly a mark on it only just a few on the battery holder where you use a coin to change them. For the more knowledgeable of you it has the famed 'later circuits' fitted to reduce the amount of current drained while it's not taking pictures, something the first versions had a minor problem with.
I'm looking forward to using it.

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