Sunday, 25 April 2010

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme plus Overkill!

No! Not the Election campaign but that's the title of one of several hits by this 80's Australian band rounded up on this compilation well mastered by Mark Wilder on Columbia's Legacy series.
Contrary to the UK Amazon listing it DOES contain Down Under together with Who Can It Be Now, It's a Mistake and many more.
Recommended for 80's pop fans.

A wind is howling at Steve Hoffmans music site and it seems to of come to head with those awfully nice folk-rock singers Simon & Garfunkel following the Audio Fidelity release of their 'Parsley, Sage & Rosemary' album which is advertised on the cover as being from "The original mastertapes".
Trouble is that claim is just demonstrably untrue as it lines up perfectly- and it has been proven by science - to the 1980's Columbia cd issued in the States .
They were given the same digital transfer of a copy tape not an analogue original reel!
All AF have done is what anyone with some knowledge of mastering can do which is to equalize each track for better reproduction.
Unfortunately in a pique of temper the site own nuked one thread and is taking an axe to any critical posts in another oblivious to the knowledge the more you do this rather explained why they used this copy the more credibility is lost and more members drift elsewhere.
It's not that the disc doesn't sound good of what it is and it does use the original mixes which all the issues from the mid nineties onwards don't as Bob Irwin did a really good job remixing them from the multi tracks, rather the attempt to hide the deception that claws many music fans.
Following that I decided to buy this set instead:

This comprises of the Legacy reissues of Parsley, Sage & Rosemary, The Sounds Of Silence together with Bookends that do sound really good and can be had from Rarewaves for just under GBP £10 shipped compared to GBP £25 for the AF!

I own the 1994 Sony 'Mastersound' issue of Bridge Over Troubled Water which is wounderful sounding and taken from the real analogue masters.

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