Saturday, 17 April 2010

So Red The Rose 2 cd/1DVD set

Arcadia 2Cd & DVD Special Edition tm

Released April 12th in the UK this comes in a clear cheap looking fat box with a slim booklet with just one page devoted to the story of this album and NO lyrics on blurry black text over coloured backgrounds. Not good for the visually impaired!
It's interesting to note that over four titles of this re-issue program we've had three different packaging ideas. Maybe co-ordination isn't the projects strong point?
It been remastered by Andrew Walters at Abbey Road studios who did Raggedy Tiger and S/T.
I have spend quite a bit of time listening to this one and I believe it has some quality!
The basics of the transfer are right with no nasty surprises like mutilated starts or distortion that plagued the last two titles.
For reason explained previously, I am without my trusty XDR tape and am relying on the V0 Mp3 of the last European mastering for comparisons together with vinyl 45's. Not ideal.
Comparing them I would say there is a little compression present noticeable on The Flame and Goodbye Is Forever on this edition but it's not a brickwall job.
The bass is well handled - no bloat present - in fact my only criticism of the EQ is I feel the area around 6-8K is brighter than I'd like by a db and a bit however the mid band is pretty good.

The bonus stuff is nice and not too badly mastered although dare I say it if the ultimate quality is your concern you really want the UK 12" 45's .

I'd give this 3/5 worth it for the bonus material and the DVD but do hold on to that original beermat (if you have one).

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