Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Yes Album

This could be titled "The pitchfolks come out for Mofi" for the sheer drama a specialist cd reissue caused on one website and some of it's followers who believe only one Steve Hoffman alone can master a cd correctly and by sheer bad luck this was one he was scheduled to do but apparently Warner's messed up and Mofi got the license issuing it in May 2010.
To these folk this meant it HAD to be wrong and so off we went to find some proof to damn it even if it was like saying the pear wasn't up to scratch because it didn't resemble a much loved peach cos they're all fruit!
So the case for the prosecution submitted a Plum coloured label UK lp saying it had better dynamics as evidenced by waveforms that when you looked at them had mistakes in the axis scaling and forgetting that this cd issue has bass - loads of it - and obviously this would of itself make the lp which for those who heard was deficient of this important property look hotter.
The piece d'resistance was that this tape was a early Dolby A recording (a professional four banded noise reduction system) had no tones at the start which you use to calibrate the processor with and this is critical for getting the sound balance right as well as ensuring the noise reduction circuits aren't adding a pumping sound.
Mofi Engineer Rob LoVerde went to great pains to find out from the person who assembled the tapes what level he used to set this up so he'd get an exact match. Now this lp when you heard it had very obvious pumping and Rob's cd was well - faultless - in that department.
Several of us tried in vain to get this through but the sheep wouldn't listen, the site owner kept deleting favourable posts, nuking twice the thread and in the end it was padlocked!
What a flaming carry on, eh?

Anyway back to the music and my mini review published elsewhere as by the time I got mine the thread was locked!
Tonality: Spot on with good low frequency extension and vocals projecting clearly out of the mix.Certainly better than my WG lp and the Gastwirt remastered tracks from Classic Yes. Subjectively it was like hearing Starship Trooper for the first time.
Pretty good overall with only part I've seen All Good People part (b) 'all good people' sounding slightly louder but maybe that's what it needed.
No Dolby(tm) pumping, period - something I'm mighty glad about - and given no tones on the tape an A* to Rob for getting it right.
Packaging: Very good as a Mini lp fan.
Conclusion: Recommended.

Personally I feel if you dig a particular version of a recording that's dandy as everyone has their own ideas on what makes a good version - it's rare to have on e totally perfect in all respects - but just howling down stuff in a debate is disrespectful.

I also picked up this reissue from 2006 also on Mofi.

This one contains Heart of the Sunrise and Roundabout.  I love the sound quality on it.

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