Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Only Time Will Tell....

In May Audio Fidelity issued this specialty re-issue gold cd of the first album by Asia, the first supergroup of the 1980's with members from 'pomp rock' Yes, pop sensation Buggles and a few others.
Let's say they were 'the band' of 1982 scoring big hits with the singles 'Only Time Will Tell' and famously 'Heat of the Moment' and this album was a massive seller too.
No AOR collection is complete without it!

Unfortunately Mike Stone who engineered this album went for a really loud sound with reverb which can make it fatiguing to listen to as apparently was trying to create a sound that would capture the attention of folk listening on the radio. The original lp was just about acceptable but it's never really had a good cd version.
This issue puts that right bringing much needed bass and smoothing out the midrange so it doesn't grate as well as for once allowing the vocals to breathe a little,
Having compared this to several cd's and vinyl I'd have to say this is the best I've ever heard this album sound and only hope they can tackle the second album, 1983's Alpha which badly needs a decent cd.

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