Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rewind to the past

It's kinda funny how you remember not just when and where you first saw or heard something and for me many of what some people call oldies - music from the 1950's and early 1960's - is what I grew up hearing not when I was around as I hadn't been born then but on the radio as revived oldies.
Presented by people who grew up with them first hand, I often spent official day long vacation days listening to their shows as well as whenever I was ill as a child, listening to their stories and gaining at the same time an appreciation of the music that preceded the Beatles and Rolling Stones over in England.
To this end I've been collecting the ACE Records London American label series compilation cds of which this one is the latest instalment.

This instalment such hits as Little Town Flirt, Then He Kissed Me, Let's Turkey Trot, Be My Baby and I'll take You Home plus others that were bubbling under but none the less are fascinating to hear. The great beauty is this series is in strict chronological order so you hear them pretty much as folk did back then and their from the original UK masters used for the singles which were mono only.

The two previous instalments were 1962 and 1959.

The Surfaris
There was a fairly important surf group in that genres early 60's hayday who had a big hit with Wipe Out and Surfer Joe who hailed from Glendora, California but after the sounds peak in late 1963 issued a number of albums covering contemporary hits no doubt to stay on the label such as Hit City '64 & 65 that are out of print.
 This album, It Ain't Me Babe was issued on Decca in the US in late 1965 and on UK Brunswick in early 1966 covering tracks made famous by the Stones, Byrds, We Five and many others in a mainly folk rock style.
I've had this album since at least 1976 enjoying the impeccable mono production by Gary Usher who did work with the Byrds amongst others.

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