Friday, 1 April 2011

Dog Days

Nope I haven't morphed into a dog dear readers -really I haven't although I think the spots on Dalmatians are really cool - but this entry is about something else.
Yesterday I did my stint delivering newsletters in my community that help to keep people informed about what's going on around them and that. In the course of which I do encounter dogs, dogs in gardens, dogs just waiting behind the mail flap to bit your fingers off, dogs been taken for walks and so on,
Well seemingly while I was doing my bit, a dog escaped from a second gate that the person who lost it said was so stiff nobody ever uses it and got the Police Community Support Officer involved who assumed that because the magazine in the mail slot was mine then it must of been me that having opened this gate and left it open!
Little ol' me with paws that can hardly open parcels and struggles to hold a pen to write my very name can actually do this?
Naw someone's got that wrong all right!
I'm sorry this person's dog escaped, do hope it can be found but sometimes you have to accept the notion of risk -anyone calling at the house could of accidentally let it out and just maybe disused gates should be blocked off.

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