Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 and all that!

Well here comes the End of the Year and I don't know quite how I'm gonna summarize it at That Boarding School Girl yet cos you see I write very much off the cuff with no plan and that.
Looking at events, well we've had highs the most obvious being the Royal Wedding and lows such as the wanton destruction that occurred in August where vast areas were destroyed most noticeably at Reeves Corner, Croydon whose flaming image I still find hard to get out of my mind as well as the senseless destruction of the Sony dvd and cd warehouse in London.
Internationally we've had change albeit incomplete in the Middle East, the removal of Saddam Hussein and Osmar Bin Laden and the recurring problem within the Euro Zone economies and it's currency.
I take no satisfaction at all for saying this but it appears at years end there's no fix to the debt problem currently existing with what appears to be more a kind of idea for fiscal rules in the future to be approved March 2012.

The EU leaders missed the bus and all we have is more embittered relations between the UK and the rest of the EU.
I only hope for the sake of Eurozone members their luck changes next year.
Things to look forward to next year include OUR Olympics that no matter how fragile our economy is here in the UK will be a great success as well as a mood lifter and the 60th anniversary of the present Queen of the UK, Canada and host of other places that will be marked with vists, events and no doubt street parties.
Talking about me though, I'd say that my health's been pretty constant although last years major Flu outbreak did leave me out of commission for a period leaving me with some permanent problems around my throat making it difficult to talk for long.
Regarding this blog, we are at a stable point in its continuing evolution having greatly simplified the structure, tidied up the links, made finding interesting entries easier and finally cracked what this blog is about (and what it's not). It has over 13,000 counted reads to date.
Looking back at some of my music projects I started and documented, I completed most of them and although changes to the importation rules on V.A.T taxation make importing some expensive to ship items like records difficult, I feel nonetheless I will be able to complete them.
I also have learned to be less concerned around the opinions of a vocal minority regarding what versions of a album to own and above all to enjoy the music as an end in itself not worrying unduly about what the waveform might look like or if the person who put this out is on a "approved" list of mastering engineers.
I intend to continue in making my own path involving you but notheless directed at what I find most satisfying be it music, fashion, anime or whatever.
I'll end by thanking the "G Plussers", the Angelic people, the regulars of the Audio Speakeasyand, Imwan plus Bone place, the crazy people of the Weird Persons Group(tm) at CR, Luna Rain and finally Muza_Chan for your contribution to my happiness this year.

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