Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Classical additions

It's a very long time ago actually it would of been in my late teens actually that I first heard anything by Bruckner as his music wasn't what I'd call programmed at school in the way that say Dvorak was.
I bought a few lps on the old Vox/Turnabout label that Decca distributed at the time but when in the late 80's I was moving after a period mixing tape with lps to cd exclusively this discs left my house.
I had been on the look out for an affordable set of his symphonies for some time and following some discussion on a forum, I thought I'd look this set up.
Recorded around the late 1970's/Early 80's for RCA this set met the bill with very few reservations by music critics to each performance by the Koln National Radio Orchestra in Germany by Wand who is one the best interpreters of Bruckner ever.
The discs and there are 9 come in card sleeves but unfortunately no notes so you'll have pull a book of the shelf or visit Wikipedia for some ideas about what was written when encased in a cardboard box which has the disc breakdown on the reverse.
Having played a few I feel this is a great starter set allowing you to hear without too much idiosyncratic ways what Bruckner could hear and is very well recorded with realistic acoustics.

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