Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Save Model Sanctuary

Recently Jade Parfitt, pictured called for the Model Sanctuary a respite centre set up in 2008 to provide advice and access to nutritionists and psychologists during the London Fashion week to be saved following a unaffordable hike in their rent costs.
During this week many teen models mainly aged 16 through 18 years work and the centre provides support as many are away from home for the first time without their parents, often work long hours 18-19 hours isn't uncommon and can come under considerable pressure to stay thin (sometimes borderline anorexic). The centre also provides massages that help ease the stress or even provide a space to get some undisturbed peace and maybe a cat nap.
The call is the industry itself to stump up a contribution to keep it open and I hope they are successful.

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