Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's a bright May afternoon

I had a totally different idea for this entry yesterday but my ISP for the 700th time went down for several hours so I thought better of it. As soon as BT Fibre up this area I'll switch to them even if it needs a wifi add on for this PC  and some work in the hallway to fit the gear. I've had enough of my current provider. (rant)
I've spent part of the week listening to the classical composer Britten specifically his Spring symphony, Five Flowers Songs and the War Requiem  in performances conducted by John Elliot Gardener following a discussion in a classical music thread elsewhere. Britten never did the most commercial thing  with much of his output being as far removed from so-called 'Pastoral' English music following Vaughan Williams and Walton.
Although they are 'challenging' structurally I enjoyed the experience of hearing them for the first time.
Also Phil Collin's But Seriously gold AF cd came this week and it sounds great well worth the $16 plus shipping I paid for it.
I've also been walking rather a lot  not just cos the weather's been better but also I felt a bit stiff getting into a vicious circle of to hard to move so don't move, so even harder to move.
I'm purposely not setting targets, creating schedules or anything that may make it seem like a chore or worse still, remind of you school PT instructors barking instead I'm incorporating walks into everyday activities by extend the stroll to the corner store or just taking off any old how  for a mile or two whenever  I get a 'wanna be outside running around' feeling.
So far in I've lost five pounds without making any diet changes and more importantly can do a mile without feeling tired.
Now to root out my Roxette cds and set controls to 11!

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