Wednesday, 21 November 2012


You know apart from just getting soaked in today's downpour it's not the only reminder that we're approaching that time of year, girls, that has us on the one hand super excited about being with friends and yet at the other worried about how we look as well as if we have anything in that might cut it.
Well if you're in the UK with a reasonably slimish build this might be a dress that would work.
It's by Diamond stocked by Debenhams and designed by Julien McDonald.
Although it's shortish so you need legs, it's reasonably full with a mesh skirt with net trimming underneath to pouf it out a bit while the contrasting top half is simple leading itself to accessorising but with the cut outs at the side.
Available in UK sizes 6 through 18, teamed with heels you'll stand out without looking too out of place.

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