Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The skinny cat returns!

Well, after a long time campaigning  in what at times has been a bitter and somewhat personal affair it's all over with.
He's back and I can come out of the coal bunker!
Really as Americans it's your affair, it's your gig, but what those of us outside of the States want from a President is a person who knows it's your job as the leading democracy in the World to engage with that World, a person who knows how to use those special relationships especially with the English speaking democracies such as Canada and Great Britain to improve international trade, co-operate in the attempt to resolve conflicts peacefully and encourage those where democracy isn't the norm to transform their own societies. We don't need more regime change that destabilizes regions, allows less amenable regimes in and cost all our soldiers their lives.
You know it takes a long time before any one can see what their programs are set out to deliver.
If, whatever your own misgivings and the difficulties your Country is going through,  you gave him a chance in the polling stations yesterday may I say thank you for returning him to office.

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