Friday, 15 August 2014

Legends continued (Crank It Up)

Following on from Get It On, the matching disc was also obtained here:
This like it's predecessor also has a TimeLife pedigree with 17 tracks from the mid 60's to Mid 80's featured in their full album versions remastered for regular and super audio cd on one disc from their original masters which typical doesn't happen with compulations as much as we love playing them.
This one gives us the best sounding For What It's Worth by the Buffalo Springfield, Running On Empty by Jackson Browne,  Pretenders Back on the Chain Gang and Daniel (the latter besting the DCC Greatest Hits version even) amongst others on a single 70 odd minute disc that just rolls on back the years.
The set keeps the original Time Life booklet notes and pictures.
While generally I don't buy compilations from specialty companies preferring single artist albums, I felt these two were worth getting for the sound.
We'll see just how popular this excursion into compilations has been for California's Audio Fidelity label.

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