Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tom Petty and Hypnotic Eye

I lived through the era that saw Tom Petty make it from the self titled Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album of 1977 on Shelter that was more popular at the time in Great Britain to the commercial breakthrough around the time of late 1979's Damn The Torpedoes following them through the 80's and beyond so you can say I'm pretty much a fan of his.
Those who follow the album charts can't helped to notice Tom Petty recently topped it in the States with Hypnotic Eye that came on cd July 29th and got to #7 here in Great Britain but it wasn't until last week I got my copy because it is the 140 gram German lp pressing simply cos it sounds a bit better (and has more dynamics) than the cd version plus came with a free download code for 24bit (48K) High Definition lossless digital audio and regular slightly more compressed Mp3. Amazon did also give me a free Mp3 but I didn't think it sounded too good personally.
Being the sort I am I downloaded the 24bit and downsampled myself a Mp3 from that using the Batch Format convertor in my cd copying program which sounded much better.
Favourites from this altogether really good comeback album are Burnt Out Town which with American Dream Plan B  and Power Drunk are good examples of Tom Petty drawing from current affairs to write spirited songs about the World we live in.

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