Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just a pawfect day

It's all about me again and you know what? This blog owner bought a lead so her Pentax camera could be plugged into the new Netbook and nothing happened cos there's no  driver thingy that's safe for it using Windows 7. Might as well of bought me one for what good it was so it back to using a USB card reader whose driver was recognized!
That's my seat, snug up to the radiator for the best warm seat in the house and my very own mat, except for when they use it as a dumping ground (tm).
Among my specialties is eating toast, trying to paw my way into the oven door and getting into cardboard boxes with bubble wrap!
They don't have any equipment I can jump on for a quick warm so I hop on the radiator but at least I get my fur dried and free mice pies. 
Regards Marmalade

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Colleen Donovan said...

Now I know what Joanne was talking about!