Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas with me means being with my folks and despite some grandstanding and outright unco-operative behavior from one sibling, we went out for Christmas day lunch as Mom doesn't wish to cook on Christmas Day, not that I'd blame her at all to be honest.
Like if you've cooked for much of the other 365 days don'tcha deserve a break from it?
We went to a public house in our Village, that's part of  a large Midland brewery group early but as it happened, they were a little late to be seated at our table overlooking the Canal and  subsidence prone Country Park.
After drinks most of our group had starters except for myself and I had a Turkey Roast for the main course that came with loads of rich tasting Turkey with vegetables such as honey roasted parsnips and Cranberry sauce.
We had been forewarned a day before one of the Desert options was MIA  so some re-ordering would be needed but they'd be plenty of the other options so I ended up with Christmas Pudding although Eton Mess as an option. Thankfully the one sibling who usually kicks of at the slightest thing didn't as my other brother was prepared to shut him down in ten seconds if needed this time.
Mom and I don't need his antics.
When it comes to presents, I had a dvd, some replacement record inner sleeves, another copy of the Beatles' Abbey Road  lp(it's enroute as we speak), some money and vouchers.
All said, the day went well.

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