Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Rebuilding ones portable collection, part III

Today I just finished the final touch to the Card.
I spend what seemed like a long time copying all my Rush albums including a number of  specialty gold and super audio cd 'audiophile' discs in Mp3 last summer but not getting around to transferring to a card.
I decided to cherry pick the period of Rush's work I find myself coming back to listen to, that's  to say from their first album the rather Canuck version of Led Zeppelin with John Rutley on vocals to 1989's Presto taking in the classic Fly By Night, 2112, Farewell to Kings, Hemisphere's and Moving Pictures albums with a shedful of unforgettable songs and playing.
I also decided to put it in Flac (Lossless) for full cd quality and hunted down the original covers for those specialty issues for the best possible sound and backed it up on a seperate USB memory stick.

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