Friday, 20 March 2015

Amazon Prime

Every month or so I keep getting letters from you inviting me to join Amazon Prime complete with a plastic card.
You keep sending me emails about it and even altering my choices when I buy from your store requiring me to take time to ensure I don't get signed to a trail of Amazon Prime by your sneaky tactics.
I like cheap mailing especially free on baulky items but I don't wish to spend GBP £60 per year for a service especially when I don't wish to have on demand video content that I'd buy paying for since you rolled in Lovefilm into this service.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't bug me as otherwise you do a great job when like me you live out in the sticks.
A concerned customer.

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mittfh said...

I don't order enough to get the card every week or so, but still I've had a few arrive - plus a card encouraging me to try it slipped in with every order (now accompanied by another card advertising a veg box company).

Besides which, to take advantage of the instant video you need a decent broadband connection (which means either fibre or living within a mile or so of the exchange) with an (almost) unlimited usage package - the former to ensure you actually see the video without it stopping and stuttering or buffering every few minutes, the latter to ensure you're not charged by your ISP for exceeding your bandwidth allowance.