Thursday, 26 March 2015

An update

It's been a funny week as I slowly work my way through my emotions which hasn't been easy by a long stretch.
I'll start this post by thanking Danny and several others for your concern during this period which saw me doing a few differing things, trying to understand it all.
I was having what I felt was an interesting conversation with someone who inexplicably just chopped me off in mid flow with not even a hint of irritation so I can only assume they had to borrow that modern phrase, 'lost it'.
On the other hand I did find a series of conversations with someone with certain of needs in common, very helpful when it came to trying to understand more of my own and also for their support in dealing some of the emotions I've been experiencing though the week.
Also a number of people gave me some useful feedback around a subject I do find difficult to deal with.
Between this I dusted my teddy bears and found some recordings, the 'Mastered for iTunes' Abba and Jackson Browne albums I'd bought  about 9 months ago from iTunes and put them finally on the card I intended  to but didn't get around to.
I'm fairly sure I'll work my way through this.

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