Thursday, 23 July 2015

Caro's catch up post

Yeah I know it's a bit late but I've been rather busy this week with things so sorry if I haven't visited your forum leaving my usual quirky comments all over the place mixed with a tidgy bit of seriousness(tm).
I've been enjoying the Creedence Clearwater Revival in it's lossless glory as when my original laptop died, an album by them and another by the Allman Brothers Blues Band went as I only had them as downloads and not from places I could re-download them from either.
I likes me southern rock.
I don't talk politics much but I was pleased the Liberal Democrats picked Tim Farron MP as their new leader as he likes to engage directly with people in the street and recognizes the trend toward blaming whole groups of people for things not be right does us no favours even though that shouldn't stop of from having open debates about what is concerning us. 
I think he was the best of the bunch and we'll see how the next set party leader elections, that of the left leaning Labour Party go.
A functioning democracy needs a organized opposition to hold the governing party t account. I wrote that in 1981 and still think it's true.
Until next week, bye!

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