Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Travelling onward

There's other things on my mind right now and today's been a bit of rollercoaster but if there's anything I've learned it's that change is never permanent and digging out those things you loved the most help you though things.
For me just getting away from whatever  that is, going for a walk, watching the world go by maybe taking the odd picture or two helps.
This picture was taken on a camera I've had for getting on for 19 years, when I first realized I wanted to take good pictures and what I had was getting in the way of that.
In that time I've gotten better lenses for it, learned along the way more about how to to take the pictures I had in my mind, trying different films and getting  used to the different ways lighting alters the scene.
And in some ways at least it's the same sort of thing when it comes to adapting to life, trying and reviewing different strategies to make the best of the situation as is and it's all coming together. 

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