Friday, 11 December 2015

Friday musings

Between unplanned events I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas here although the tree isn't up just yet and I should be seeing a few relatives at the weekend as we don't see each other much at any other time which I guess is a good side to this time of year.
I have almost done filling up one of my music players cards with just a few hundred megabytes left so I'll be starting another one soon but anyway I've added my Depeche Mode albums to it and that really took me back in time.
The themes of many of their songs fitted well with my exploration of different lifestyles outside of the rather socially conservative upbringing I had while their use of synthesizers and samples was trailblazing.
I might add politicians went further down in my estimation this week with the totally amazing idea to have Yet Another Meeting to decide the future of the third runway for London's Heathrow Airport and kicked it into the long grass until after the London Mayorial elections as the Tory candidate and friends is at odds with other tory big wigs so after 50 years we put off a decision until the Summer of 2016. 
Never mind keep this up and it won't be in place until I'm dead and buried!!! 

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