Thursday, 3 December 2015

Operation reset

In what has proven to be a wet week that's no good for my bones, I've been kept awake with overnight rain around twice which does nothing for my sleep and has kept me in a bit more than I'd like.
Apart from all that serious business around Isis, the Paris attacks and what the UK's response should be if we still have a military to speak of by the time the man up the road has sold everything to reduce the budget deficit (I have visions of him walking the streets of Knutsford shaking a collecting tin shouting "War Effort"), I've been fixing a few things like updating the codecs in dbPoweramp, my cd to audio file program of choice simply cos it just does everything well which makes the small fee for a on off license for three machines and ongoing support worth my while.
I've restored an old favourite when it comes to wallpaper cos I had a bit of an accident and wiped off the one I first had on this machine while looking at some image files, replacing purely by accident with something that wasn't so good for when I'm in company.
My co-ordination's a bit wonky at best and I just mistook 'open' for 'set as background' and that was it-gone!
It's very 2011 and lived on 'Treacle', the old shot at desktop at the time before migrating to original HP Compaq laptop that's no more so in that way I've been going back apart from removing junk off the desktop which somehow you just aquire over the months.
I remember in Windows XP that silly dog character popping offering to clean it but haven't seen Windows 7 try that yet!

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