Monday, 16 January 2017

Check and replace

Seeing we're into the new year, I've been checking through my wardrobe for things that can be tossed away usually because over time they've gotten the worse for wear and given now how my life happens to be, it's all more functional stuff  a bit like rather college or school wear than high fashion.
Take my underwear for instance it's hard wearing, has a very close fit where you need it acting like draught excluders, and tends to be mainly of one colour to match my dresses and skirts. 
Seeing how some had gone I've replaced them by navy blue gym knickers which feel very snug on me and are very comfortable and unless it's really cold I tend to wear long socks rather than fashion tights which is yet another indication of the evolution of me over the time this blog started even if truthfully bits of it were always there mixed in.

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