Saturday, 11 February 2017

Thoughts while away

We are just a few weeks away from the eleventh anniversary of this blog so during the period where I'll be away to let more of myself out with friends, I thought I'd write out a few words.
I think one thing is I'm an avid collector of recorded music seeing many a format come and go over the years so to be honest I haven't a real affinity to any one although all around the MiniDisc was my favourite everyday one even though only a small number of pre-recorded titles existed for it and the cd has been on the whole a boon for collectors with many recordings we feared would never be heard beyond the vaults coming out, well compiled with jacket notes.
I think I have over 500 cds in my collection as much as try to avoid duplication although with popular recordings there are often differences between mono and stereo versions and when it comes to some classical works the interpretations by conductors do vary so there are some titles I may have two versions of even. 
I'm a very tactile person and that also shows in my preference for physical books  over so-called E-books and readers, preferring the feel and smell of paper, brilliant colour illustrations and the sense of handing down a treasured possession although I do for reference material such as manuals the E-book has it's uses and perhaps the idea of a download code included in a physical hardback edition would work for those who'd find reading on a train or in hotels vacationing but who also like the actual item rather like some records now have.
In effect a portable version included. 

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