Saturday, 4 February 2017

We are leaving

After all the turmoil that followed our referendum on remaining or leaving the European Union last year, the wheels are slowly beginning to turn following last weeks vote in the Common's in favour of activating the so-called Article 50,  the clause that allows for a negotiated method of leaving. 
This clearly signals what however narrow the vote overall was although here in the Midlands, it was strongly in favour of leaving, we are actually going to leave after various attempts to tie up this and the tension felt across the country over it.
I think it's important to remember in outline, the Prime Minister put in place a call for this vote that  was voted for by Parliament which gave the choice to the people and from that for it to be respected even if by failing to include the wording  that was in the Governments leaflet we all had that clearly implied having voted they would accept it as binding.
To me this shows yet again MP's not being sufficiently responsible in scrutinizing legislation, making sure it is clear, beyond reasonable legal doubt  what should of happened from the minute the votes were counted and the result declared.
To make the most of the return to full sovereignty  which includes the right to run our country in accordance with our wishes, we really need to ensure the legislature is working at it's best.

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