Sunday, 19 December 2010

Raves from the grave!

Well I have eventually started to tackle the question of what to do about tracks I really liked from my mix tapes back in the 80's that I don't have either cds or even vinyl copies of cos I was skint at the time. They were tapped straight off of the radio on my Pioneer GhettoBlaster - a big somewhat expensive stereo radio cassette recorder that handled all sorts of tapes and had dolby to cut tape hiss for good measure.
I have decided to chase them on various music download sites and in time to group them in files.

So far I have gotten:
Billy Satellite: Satisfy Me Aug 84
Ratt: Round and Round July 84
Night Ranger Sister Christian June 84
Dwight Twilly Band: Girls April 84
Twisted Sister: We're Not Gonna take It '83)
Twisted Sister: I Am (I'm Me) (UK April 83)
Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock (84)
Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry (84)
Twisted Sister: Leader Of The Pack
Twisted Sister: Come Out and Play

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