Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Edition 2010

More like it, eh? If Moomin was better behaved my tree could be that big!
Anyways, Christmas apart from its' spiritual significance to some of us is a time we use to is catch up with other people and maybe give thanks for those whose company we have enjoyed the previous 12 months.
I'd start of by thanking Dani and Feather in the Wind for sticking with me during the ups and sadly the downs emotionally this year when I just didn't really feel up to sending emails or posting at various places. You two mean a lot to me.
Thanks also to the Weird People of CR who managed to keep my sense of humour up on the darkest of days and the legendary Nisa.The rambling craziness really helped.
The crazy sharing music lovers of the Boneyard for the company, musical tips and the Music. Shh did we say that? Not forgetting Neo Forums for the cool anime and the great Luna Rain online buddy and cosplayer.
Also thanks for the Angelic Ones (tm) for being around and Sophie's one of a kind girl talk threads there. She's unique you know!

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a Cool Yule.

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Anna Arendt said...

Hi Caroline,

We have a tree like that, but we don't have Moomin, and it doesn't count as it's artificial, but fairly realistic. When we lived in Scotland we had real ones, and the kids were so miffed when we got the sham one.

Having nice friends is fantastic, and it's lovely to read about yours.

I hope you have a super Xmas and a marvellous 2011.

Hugs, Anna x