Thursday, 17 February 2011


If some people get their way this guy and his friends will be banned from the TV screens.
Based upon the popular childrens books by Michael De Souza, it's set in Cheeseland. He is an animated reggae-singing mouse who has become a hit for the BBC, entertaining children with his attempts to fight crime and spread love and respect.
Athough the books themselves are clearly written in Jamaican patiois rhyming the depiction of this rodent and his friends in street fashion and voiced by Black British actors seems, to have upset some 100 people the majority of whom are White accusing the show of racism or accidentally placing their children in situations that might be deemed racist.
All I can say was I lived through the maelstrom of post Powell racism with its offensive language and attitudes that even infested such institutions as the Police, this show is nothing remotely like that. Actually I feel it's offensive to even consider such a series of children's stories as being so.
Back then we rubbed along, if anyone said anything we thought disrespectful to our friends of colour, the person got the message we disapproved and the message was taught in real time.
Kids say things that hurt it's true, it's wrong but practically childlike as they learn what lines not to cross through the consequences they find out.

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