Friday, 11 February 2011


Work is afoot on the Kiss vinyl collection since it got trimmed in the late 80's and early 90's although I've always loved the band and have many of their albums on compact disc. The combination of the album art, sound and nostalgia of the moments when you got the new album and put it on your phonograph all point to a reason to tackle this part of my vinyl project this year.

The core left was:
Alive II - but needs replacing as copy is very warn.
Double Platinum - MIA but never left the house.
Dynasty - Italian LP
Unmasked - Italian lp (no poster)
Kiss Killers UK (stone mint)

Destroyer US with Kiss Army inner sleeve
Although only VG+ graded apart from a few crackles through Beth this plays really well and sounds much better than any European lp issue I've ever heard.
Rock and Roll Over has stickers and insert but is a bit noisy. Might look for 2nd copy later on
Love Gun (no gun or merchandise leaflet) Hong Kong copy

(A Blog team co-production tm said 'J')

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