Friday, 18 February 2011


Here at the Blog Team (tm), we like Supergrass and I'm putting together a little list for the vinyl project.
It may surprise some but actually every single Supergrass album and single has actually had a vinyl release but most have been ahem... limited and are not on catalogue as new although you may come by the odd one in a store left from a few years back.
Throw in the 'in demand' cult status of this recently disbanded group and expect to to do some serious hunting to build your collection as they are scarce as well as getting expensive.

I Should Co-Co 1995 UK
The home of Strange Ones and Alright, mine has a bonus 45 thrown in which I brought new and goes for a minimum of £30 these days when you see it.
In It For The Money 1997
A ground breaking album with such gems as Late in the Day and Sun Hits The sky but while the cd is very loud sounding, the vinyl I believe was mastered separately and not so loud.
I was very fortunate after several failed bids to spot a copy just come in at Vinyltap while at work - this that was very naughty of me to be scanning the bay when i was meant to be working but I spotted this copy in said to be Ex cond for the textured sleeve and the actual vinyl on sale at a fixed price not to far removed from the last auction prices so i snagged it and paid on the spot. luckily my boss didn't spot me logging into Paypal!
It arrived today and was more like Near mint!!!
Supergrass 1999 album with Pumping On Your Stereo. I have the cd and minidisc versions but was able to get the vinyl with the limited edition poster from dealer in Japan and it was mailed 1 hours after the devastating earthquake.
It sounds much more dynamic compared to the cd version
Life On Other Planets 2002
Includes Grace was able to get used in Excellent condition without breaking the bank
Road to Rouen 2005
Musically adventurous album from the jazz inspired Coffee In The Pot through hard rock it's a highly enjoyable album. I have a copy but it's condition bought used wasn't anything like the vendor said it was.
Diamond Hoo Haa 2008
Have brand new copy.

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