Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Quake edition

As I sure we're all aware the Japanese Island of Honshu endured a massive earthquake and tsunami on Friday last week that has left many thousands dead, still more homeless and a god awful situation with several of it's nuclear power stations damaged with radiation leakage concerns.
Like a far number of people, I have people I know who are friends over there and do business with sellers too so to me it's not just a profoundly sad foreign news story, it's personal.
Thankfully those I know are alive although some have family members who lost their homes.
There are things you can consider doing from this distance that can help such as giving to your countries local disaster emergency charity an example of which are the Red Cross who have national bodies in Canada, the UK and the States amongst others. People are going to need food, shelter and emergency medical treatment and it can make a difference.
There seems to be to sets of responses to this tragedy of which one is the outpouring of support for the Japanese people who are stoically going about the business of queuing for food, saving important items like photo albums from their fallen houses, cleaning up property and so on.
Would this happen here?
The other and thankfully is a minority is one of "serves them right" from those who are still fighting battles from long ago and worse still those younger people who have been taught such attitudes from the older generations.
I do wish people would stop harping back to WW2 as it wasn't humanities finest moment by a long stroke and it's hard to find any side that did things that upon reflection were unjust impacting on ordinary civilians.
Let's bury that hatchet here and now.
Beyond that I have seen some things that came over as very much self-centred posted around the internet often by hobbyists.
Expressions of concern over supplies from Japan being regarded as 'tragedies' being unable to get what they want. Not having the material is disappointing but surely no one can regard that as a tragedy as no one lost their lives due to an absence of consumer goods.
Faced with the possibility that an order I placed a day before the quake may not come my first move was to send them a message to I was concerned for their well being and hope they were safe rather than getting into a panic over whither my goods would get here.
The following posted at an audio forum took the cake:
A member suggested that a specialty audio cd be pressed in Japan to kick start the Japanese economy in response to hearing the damage. This in country that has thousands dead, many more missing, frequent power outages, food shortages and we're bothered about cd plants and maybe a collectible for themselves???
Grrr!!!!! I had to count to 100 otherwise I'd of typed back "Get a life!"
Sometimes I wonder what is up with people.

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